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Aliens were here well before the so called 1947 Roswell crash/incident and the U.S. military's alleged and grossly exaggerated efforts to suppress it. What people saw was the failed result of ahigh altitude parachute test. Even the US Government admits to that. The evidence is there but some UFO writers and enthusiasts don't want to believe a word of it.

There is no alien agenda to reveal so called plans, gifts, advice or preparation to join the universe as equals and blah, blah, blah. Face it, George Adamski and dozens of other supposed contactees have been talking about the "alien agenda" for years and not just a few of them either. Tal of an agenda started around 60 years ago. Have you ever wondered why the plethora of contactees don't just come out with it. Have you ever wondered why the most notable event "just around the corner", never quite makes it there? They don't because they're still thinking about something plausible. Most of what I've read is just conjecture, clues and a collection of vagaries and ambiguous comments. Here on my Alien Agenda Exposure website it cost you nothing. Sorry if the non event feels like a let down.

Current UFOlogy relies on the Gray/Grey stereotype, without it there's no credibility. Therefore what type of alien does nearly EVERY contactee report... a friggin gray.

The problem for many is that the bulk of aliens are much like ourselves.

The humbling and deflating reality of alien contact is that "they" barely care to talk to us. They are neither malevolent nor benevolent. In modern day parlance they "just don't give a fuck". Aliens in general have a considerable interest in our ability to cope with ourselves and watching what we'll do next, that's pretty much the extent of it.

Despite how many people claim to have had contact, the truth is and this is backed up by the aliens I've met personally, most of the sightings since about 1957 have all been probes/drones etc. Read the books if you like, but none of them cut to the chase about the cost of sending people here from far away places. It takes time and resources to build space faring craft. It doesn't matter where you are from. Manned space flight costs a mint on earth, that's why drones are now doing the work of pilots and this will carry on into the future.

Even my own contacts with aliens has come to a near grinding halt. The odd "telephone call" via a probe (not anal) is pretty well it now.


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