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A lot of books, articles and other rhetoric have been written by those with no connection or contact with aliens. The alien money making machine hard at work. It's hard not to be a skeptic when nearly all the information out there is generated by Governments that only want you to know what they'll let you know, or by people who don't know anything other than they believe...

You won't find anything for sale here. All the expert information is for free.

I'm not after any celebrity status that some would be UFO writers seek. You won't know my name and you won't recognise me in the street, and I haven't made a cent out of my contacts with aliens. Whilst other writers and so called boffins and experta are living well, swimming in alien head shaped swimming pools, I simply plod along with the bread and butter reporting, conjecture and information. You can read my compelling stories regarding extraterrestrials, UFOs about alien life that has visited Earth and even about the aliens that are now living amongst us.

I don't draw on eye witness accounts or allegedly hyper secret reports leaked by various Governments or disenfranchised Goverment employees. I write about my own daring contacts and analysis of these contacts and the information learned during them.

This website is under constant surveillance and removal, come back often.

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